Copley’s $4.8 Million Record-Shattering
"White Glove" Sporting Sale 2017

PLYMOUTH, MA - Copley Fine Art Auctions, LLC , the nation’s premier sporting art and decoy auction house, realized $4.8 million in sales at The Sporting Sale 2017, on July 27 and 28 in Plymouth, MA.
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Copley Fine Art Auctions: Market leaders in antique decoys and sporting art

Copley Fine Art Auctions is the world's leading American sporting art auction company. Located in Boston, Copley specializes in antique decoys and 19th- and 20th-century American, sporting, and wildlife paintings.

Owner Stephen B. O'Brien Jr. is a fourth generation sportsman with a refined collector's eye and twenty-five years experience in the antiques and fine art trade. Copley consistently sets world record prices for top sporting and wildlife artists and decoy makers, many of which have been set in the last five years. Its bi-annual sales are the premier events for collectors of sporting art, decoys, fishing collectibles, and related folk art.

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Ogden M. Pleissner (1905-1983), Waiting for the Rise, 1952

Ogden M. Pleissner (1905-1983), Waiting for the Rise, 1952 , sold for $94,875

William Aiken Walker (1838-1921), New Orleans Cotton Dock

William Aiken Walker (1838-1921), New Orleans Cotton Dock, sold for $83,375

The Donal C. O'Brien Jr. Collection
limited edition hard bound catalog

Donal C. O'Brien Jr Collection Hard Bound

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